Pricing FAQ


Money Back Guarantee

For customers with a Support Contract we provide a 5 business days SLA. In case we fail to translate your SQL within this SLA due to any reason on our end, we fully refund your active subscription fees. Your license(s) remain valid. 

Fluent JPA License Model

Fluent JPA employs a Freemium license model, where some functionality is totally free and more advanced features require a license. Data retrieval expressions (SELECT), including CTE, Window Functions, Aggregate Expressions are free. Data update expressions (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/MERGE) and Dynamic Queries require a license.

What is the license period?

One year, recurring.

What is License Scope?

Fluent JPA is licensed per deployment unit (project). Deployment unit is a single atomic application, usually packaged as a single WAR or JAR and running in a single application container or standalone.

My application consists of multiple projects, should I buy a license for each one?

Fluent JPA license is per Deployment Unit. Therefore if you have multiple projects deployed as a single Deployment Unit, you need just one license. Otherwise you need as many licenses as there are Deployment Units.

I have a single application, which is deployed on many compute instances. Does it matter?

No, it's still a single atomic application. 


What happens if license usage exceeds or the license is not renewed?

When the license expires FluentJPA will notify about the expiration and continue working for additional 30 days. After this period an exception will be thrown on restart.

Does your commercial offering include support?

Yes, you may purchase a Support contract. Give us any SQL + relevant JPA entity declarations and we will translate it to FluentJPA in 5 business days. In addition we provide a best effort support on GitHub free of charge.